Accounts Management System

Arabic /English Enabled


This system Helps you to Manage your Financial Data Solution. All Data Sources are user friendly as well as with

well Secured Password Controlled System.


This System starts with User Name and Password.  



      User Name assigned by Data Administrator


      The Password for Each user defined by Administrator






The Combined module shows both Inventory and Accounts. If you are looking only for Accounts also can be installed.




 Accounts System consists of

      Data Entry 

      Data Secured System

      Exit System






      Data Entry 

This is system is Arabic / English enabled .


      Data Secured System (System)

This Icon holds all data base structure with Administrator Password. With this you can modify or Delete data. Also, this will be usefull to the administrator to control overall data management.

      Exit (Close)

This will exiting Accounts Management System after saving all data automatically.



      Data Entry Section

o       Journal Entry (Journal Voucher)

o       Credit / Cash Voucher Entry

o       Payment Voucher Entry


      Print out section

o       All Vouchers you can print




      All Code Master will be created in this Section

o       Ledger Code

o       Receivable Code

o       Payable Code


      Also you can take print out all these codes





This Section helps you to finalize your monthly closing statements.


      Trail Balance

      Trial Balance Summary


This Section Printouts in Arabic and English





      Client Statement

      Receivable Summary

      Payable Summary

      Aging Statement (Per Client)